Prof. Dr. Abdellah Touhafi

Short Bio :

Abdellah Touhafi is professor at the Engineering Sciences Faculty of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. As a member of the Engineering technologies department, he is responsible for the major courses related to electronics design, embedded computing and reconfigurable computing.

Title : Concepts and Techniques for Secure and Trusted Learning Systems – Efforts to Create a New IEEE standard.

The Covid Pandemic has accelerated the digital transformation of the education system on a worldwide scale. A majority of educational institutes vastly implemented digital tool sets to support their educational staff and students for blended learning. Combinations of online and on campus classes and laboratories, online meetings and online group works became an important part of the applied educational learning methods. This however comes with important security challenges which might mitigate the trustfulness of our digital education system. An urgent and clear need for standardized security concepts and techniques to support digital education systems appeared. In this keynote, we will address the different concepts and techniques that are envisioned to be included as part of the IEEE P2834 standard for Secure and Trustable Learning Systems.

Assist. Prof. Dr. Nuno Alberto Ferreira Lopes

Short Bio :

Nuno Alberto Ferreira Lopes holds a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Minho and a Bachelor in Systems and Computer Engineering from the same university. He is currently an Assistant Professor at the Polytechnic Institute of Cávado and Ave, Portugal, and an integrated researcher at the 2AI – Applied Artificial Intelligence Research Center at the Polytechnic Institute of Cávado and Ave, and a collaborating member of the Algoritmi Research Center at the University of Minho. His research areas of interest include Cybersecurity, Information Security, Business Process Management, Parallel and Distributed Systems, High-Performance Computing and the application of AI on industrial challenges.

He is the Director of the Post-graduate course in Cybersecurity and Forensic Informatics, member of the directing board of the Master Degree in Computer Engineering and previously Director of the Bsc Degree in Computer Systems Engineering and member of the directing board of the Master Degree in Integrated Management Systems – Quality, Environment and Safety and. He lectures courses in Computer Security, Information Security, High Performance Computing Programming, Operating Systems, and Computer Networks.

Title : Overcoming society challenges through the combined use of AI, computing power and games: a review of some achievements on cybersecurity and Industry cases.

Artificial Intelligence is not a recent development in computing science. It has produced over the years multiple algorithms capable of solving some society challenges. However, it was only after the processing power of computers reached a certain useful level, that the application of AI algorithms revolutionised the way society works. The impact of these two factors in our lives is unquestionable today. Finally, the gamification of some of these challenges, namely in specific technical areas, outside the mainstream non-technical fields, has also the capability to influence society as a whole.

This presentation will review some achievements in the specific topics of cybersecurity and industry, with a look at its impact in society.